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*SOLD* 1992 Toyota Supra R

*SOLD* This is a clean and lightly modified Supra. On the exterior, the black paint is in good condition shines nicely. It has a set of aftermarket wheels. The interior is in great shape. It shows very little wear and features nice aftermarket front seats, full roll cage, and Evoluzione 1 steering wheel. It has the 2.5L 1JZ-GTE twin-turbo inline 6-cylinder engine with 5 speed manual transmission. This car has only 250,000 km or about 155,000 miles.
155,000 MI

*SOLD* 1993 Nissan Skyline GTS-T

*SOLD* 1992 Nissan Skyline GTS-T This is a very clean, stock, and well preserved R32 Nissan Skyline GTS-T for sale.
170,750 MI