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1992 Nissan Skyline GTS-T

The body is straight and the gray paint looks great. There are no major dents or dings, the exterior is very clean. The car is sitting on a very clean set of aftermarket Sport technic wheels. The drivers bucket is showing lots of wear, the stock passenger seat is in great condition. The dash has a bubble over the glovebox. This Skyline features a built 2.3L RB23DET turbo inline 6-cylinder engine and 5 speed manual transmission. It is very fast and lots of fun. It starts up, runs, and drives well.
98,000 MI

1993 Toyota Land Cruiser

On the exterior, the blue gray paint shines well and looks nice. The paint has clearcoat fading on the tops of both front fenders, and the rear door. It features step rails and nice 5 spoke wheels. Interior trim is complete and nice, along with the headliner and carpet. The dash does have 2 cracks, and a hole in the center. The drivers seat has a small tear on the right side bolster, all other seats have no tearing. Under the hood it features the 1HZ 4.2 liter inline 6 diesel engine, auto transmission, and 4wd. The truck starts up, runs, and drives well.
118,000 MI

1989 Honda Integra

This Integra sits low and looks mean. On the exterior, The custom brown/beige micro flake paint looks great and shines. The body is straight overall but does have 2 dents. There is a dent on the drivers side rear quarter, and door. The interior of this car is clean and stock. The dashboard has no cracks. Center console, steering wheel, and shifter area show very little wear. The seats Have no tears. It features the B16A DOHC 1.6l 4-cylinder engine and manual transmission. The car starts up, runs, and drives well, and the transmission shifts smoothly.
89,000 MI

1995 Nissan Skyline GTS

On the exterior, the dark gray metallic (KN6) shines throughout. The body is straight overall with a few blemishes. The passenger side has a dent in between the front and rear doors, the rear bumper has some scratching along with a scrape on the front bumper. Both door panels are complete. The front and rear seats have no tearing or major wear. The dash is in great condition with no cracks or sun fading. The carpet is clean and includes OEM Nissan Prince Fukuoka floormats in great condition. This Skyline R33 has the 2.0L RB20E 6-cylinder engine with an auto transmission. It starts up, runs, and drives well.
40,000 MI

1995 Toyota Estima 4WD

On the exterior, the Beige pearl paint (8K0) shines throughout. The body is overall straight with a few blemishes and scratches due to age. Exterior imperfections include some small dings on the tailgate and gas panel, and clearcoat fading on the hood. The front and rear seats are clean with no tearing. Interior trim, door panels, and dash are very clean and show very little wear. The headliner sits tight to the ceiling. This van has the 2.4l 2TZ-FE inline 4-cylinder gas engine, auto transmission, and 4WD. It starts up, runs, and drives well.
53,000 MI

1995 Toyota Estima

On the exterior, the gray metallic paint shines well. The stock Toyota wheels look nice with no major rash. The body is straight overall aside from a few imperfections. The drivers side rear quarter has a small dent near the taillight, and the front and rear bumpers have some scraping. The dash is clean with no cracking along with the center console trim. The steering wheel is nice and like new. The rear trim is intact and clean. This car has the 2.4l 2TZ-FZE inline 4-cylinder gas engine, and auto transmission. It starts up, runs, and drives well.
65,000 MI

*SOLD* 1994 Nissan Skyline GTS25-T

1994 Nissan Skyline GTS25-T Type M Sedan. The silver/gray two tone paint shines nicely throughout the body. The body is very clean with only one imperfection, there is a small dent on the drivers side front fender. The OEM wheels are in great condition and look nice. The front and rear seats have no tears or stains. The dash has no cracks or fading. The steering wheel is showing its age. This Skyline has the 2.5L RB25DET turbo inline 6-cylinder turbo engine with an automatic transmission.
67,000 MI

*SOLD* 1991 Nissan Skyline

The exterior of this Skyline is straight overall, the gray paint shines and looks great throughout. This Skyline features a GTR front bumper, lip, and grille. Other exterior modifications include a vented fiberglass hood, GTR wing, and aftermarket 5 spoke wheels. The interior is in good shape with some nice aftermarket additions. The BRIDE japan drivers and passenger sears are both in excellent condition. The dash has no major bubbling. The door panels are both complete, along with all other interior trim. This Skyline has the 2.0L RB20DET turbo inline 6-cylinder engine and 5 speed transmission. It features an intake and front mount intercooler.
83,000 MI